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The FAST VariVent controls are the new industry standard for commercial kitchen ventilation systems. Engineers, consultants and operators are specifying them on thousands of hoods for both new and existing stores.

Most commercial kitchen hoods operate at 100% capacity all day, even during idle non-cooking periods. Find out more about how you can save energy and costs with the Varivent unit. This unit greatly improves your system efficiency by up to 50%. Typical annual aperation savings allows the payback your investment within 1-3 years.

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Savings & Benefits
  • The VariVent controls improve hood efficiency by up to 50%. Typical annual operating savings allows to payback investment within 1-3 years. They also improve kitchen comfort, indoor air quality, and fire safety.
Simple To Use
  • The cook/chef presses the light and fan switch on the Keypad. That’s it! The hood lights then turn on and the fans go to a preset minimum speed of 10-50%.
  • When the cooking appliances are turned on, the fan speed increases based on exhaust air temperature. During actual cooking, the speed increases to 100% until the smoke/vapor is removed.