UV Air Purification



The P900GX has all the benefits of the Sanuvox patented system in a portable air purifier weighing only 11 lbs. The variable speed blower of the P900GX moves the air into the reflective Aluminum Reaction Chamber so that the air travels parallel to the UV Lamp where the Dual Zone UVC/UVV (Germicidal /Oxidizing) Lamp destroys the biological and chemical contaminants.

The P900GX can be used continuously, or when the need arises. Easily transported and includes a stand and carrying handle. The P900GX will purify up to 900 square feet and is ideal for anyone in need of a cost effective solution, for those who work in offices, or for those who do not have a forced air home system.

  • Eradicates bacteria, viruses and mold
  • Destroys chemical and biological odors
  • Sanuvox’s patented system in a portable UV Air Purifier
  • Patented 19mm High-Intensity Quartz UVC/UVV ‘J’ Lamp
  • 9 electronically controlled speeds
  • Touch-Pad Digital Controls with Count-Down Timer
  • Most effective Air Purification System for those who do not have a forced air system
  • Purify up to 900 square feet
  • Easily wall mountable. Stand and handle included
  • 3 year warranty on parts including UV Lamp
  • ETL

The Sanuvair® S1000 is a combination Ultraviolet – Filter Air Purifier. The Sanuvair® S1000 can be used in applications ranging from hospital clean room biological treatment, to smoking environments, to garbage room odor treatment.

In addition to the patented Sanuvox UV process, the Sanuvair® S1000 Clean Room option is equipped with two 30 inch UV “J” Lamps (one Germicidal UVC Lamp and one Germicidal / Oxidizing UVC / UVV Lamp) for complete biological and chemical protection. Up to four 30″UV “J” Lamps can be incorporated into the S1000FX. The Clean Room option includes a 99.97% HEPA Filter, which will trap particles down to 0.3 microns (1 / 75000 of an inch) in size.

The Sanuvair® S1000 is equipped with a 1750-CFM backward impeller blower and can be used as a stand alone system, or installed into the existing ventilation system as a by-pass installation.

  • Destroys biological contaminants such as mold, bacteria, viruses, germs, allergens
  • Stand-Alone installation or can be ducted to multiple rooms
  • (2) two 1″ pre-filters & (1) one 4″ 95% ASHRAE pleated filter
  • “Clean Room Option” includes HEPA Filter to capture particles down to 0.3 micron in size & additional UVC “J” Lamp
  • 1750 cfm. blower. Under load with filters, 1000 cfm.
  • Patented 30″ “J” Lamp
  • Aluminum Reaction Chamber maximizes UV intensity
  • High-Output Ballast
  • Patented Design & Sanuvox Quality
  • Warranty: Lamp 12,000 hours, Motor: 1 year, Ballast: 3 years

.The coil cleaner is designed to prevent and destroy bio-chemical contaminants. A coil with bio-film (a coating of microbial growth) acts as an adhesive, attracting dirt and coating the fins of the coil. This results in an odor emanating from the equipment and a loss in energy efficiency as the equipment must work harder to provide the same air temperature The Saber Genius improves indoor air quality and otherwise your health.

  • Destroys mold & their associated odors on the coil.
  • Improve energy efficiency.
  • 24V & 110V with included step-down transformer.
  • Intelligent Voltage Protection (IVP): protects the A/C system from electrical overload
  • 1 year warranty including UV Lamp.
  • ETL Approved
3`` LCD Back-Lit Display
  • Real Time system status
  • Days Left until UV Lamp replacement (1 year)
  • Countdown purifier animation
  • ‘Lamp Out’ & ‘Ballast Out’ visual alarm
  • ‘Contractor Call-Back’ indicator
  • Intelligent Voltage Protection indicator

The Sanuvox R Series represents the new evolution in UV air purifier system. The high-efficiency patented design destroys airborne bio-chemical contaminants while providing important user information on the 3” LCD display.

The Sanuvox R Series represents the very best in UV Air Purification.

SR+ Model
  • Treats up to 2,000 sq. ft.
  • 110/220V operation
  • Multi-color LED Status Display provides important user information.
  • UV Chamber rotates for up-flow or down flow systems
  • 3 year warranty including UV Lamp
  • Optional duct board kit available
R+ Model
  • Treats up to 4,000 sq. ft.
  • Intelligent ballast automatically switches from 110V to 220V.
  • 3″ LCD Display provides important user information
  • UV Chamber rotates 360 degrees for vertical or horizontal systems
  • 3 year replacement warranty including UV Lamp
  • Duct board kit included